The Occam Story

In the 14th Century, William of Okham said it first, and perhaps best -

"Things shall not be multiplied unnecessarily."

Based on this philosophy, the concept known as "Occam's Razor" was formed.

Newton, Einstein, and DaVinci all had their versions, but the basic concept remains.

All other things being equal, the least complex solution is the BEST solution.

The Occam Consulting Group was formed under this philosophy by seasoned professionals that use their experience to deliver the least complex solution to the most complicated challenges.

What We Do

Occam Consulting Group provides engineering, planning; and security services to transportation, maritime ports and water plant market sectors.

Our ability to meet the continuum of challenges facing our clients anywhere in the world rests firmly on the range of expertise, technical disciplines, and consulting services we have gathered into one integrated business entity.



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